Usman Khan Kakar's examination uncovers no indication of torment

ISLAMABAD: The post-mortem examination of congressperson Usman Khan Kakar of the Pakhtunkhwa Milli Awami Party has been finished upon the interest of his family after administrators in the Senate named the mishap that killed him ‘secretive and dinky’.

  • Actual cause of death will be declared in a pathology report, for which several samples have been obtained.
  • PPP Senator Saleem Mandviwalla had said the surgeon, who had come from Quetta, told him that the kind of head injury and blood clotting in Kakar’s head could not be possible by falling down.
  • Family members of Kakar had demanded the autopsy.

As per the post-mortem report, a duplicate of which is accessible with Geo News, no indication of torment or hitting were found on Kakar’s body. The solitary imprints found on the body were of a medical procedure and cannulation during his therapy at the emergency clinic. The real reason for death will be pronounced in a pathology report, for which a few examples have effectively been gotten from the body.

After the fruition of the dissection, Kakar’s body has been given over to his family to do the internment systems. Kakar’s family said that they will get the obsessive examples counter-checked.

Congresspersons request test into Kakar's demise

A day prior, a few congresspersons from the two sides of the separation paid accolades for the late representative and toward the end, the House received a consistent goal communicating significant distress over Kakar’s end. Previous agent director and PPP Senator Salim Mandviwalla said Kakar’s child and other relatives advised him at the clinic in Karachi that they need to discover what is the reason for death and whether he has been killed.

The PPP congressperson proceeded with that the specialist, who had come from Quetta, disclosed to him that the sort of head injury and blood thickening in his mind couldn’t be conceivable by tumbling down. He said his relatives need his after death and that he was separated from everyone else at home around then of the ‘mishap.’.

There was likewise an interest that a house board ought to be framed to complete an autonomous investigation into the matter. Previous assessor general of Police Punjab and PML-N Senator Rana Maqbool named Kakar a diplomat of truth and said the data before got about Kakar recommended that he either had mind drain or a blood coagulation, however later it arose he got a physical issue, which he noted was a question mark. He required an examination to find out current realities.

PPP Senator Bahramand Tangi had embraced the proposition for request and noticed that if the relatives of Kakar are requesting examination, they ought to get the right. He trusted that the Senate administrator being the overseer of the House will assume his part in this association.

Congressperson Ataur Rahman of the JUI-F underlined the requirement for an examination to deliver reality and said Kakar used to challenge the foundation and had gotten dangers. He said apparently some occurrence occurred. He said endeavors had been made in the past too to smother the voices of difference.

Representative Kauda Babar said he actually sees after death as the befouling of the body yet said it ought to be done if Kakar’s family has questions. He likewise proposed that a report ought to be gathered from the clinic where he inhaled his last whenever considered fitting.

PML-N’s Mushahid Hussain Syed paid recognitions for Kakar for being the voice of the voiceless and persecuted individuals of Pakistan, who discussed majority rules system and law and order inside the Constitution. Syed additionally discussed the “cloudy and baffling conditions” prompting his passing.

ANP Senator Umer Farooq said Kakar never discussed the separation of the country. Wishing that a mishap be the reason for Kakar’s demise, he required a free and reasonable examination concerning the turn of events.

PML-N’s Kamran Michael said the family’s complaints should be addressed and a board of trustees ought to be shaped to research the matter. Educator Sajid Mir said a proper request ought to find out why and how this occurred. Public Party Senator Muhammad Akram fought that the unexpected demise of Kakar, while he was isolated at home, is baffling. He additionally supported the interest for a request. He reviewed that Kakar, in his keep going discourse on the floor of the Senate, had said that those against whom he talks will be mindful on the off chance that anything incorrectly happens to him.

Director Senate Standing Committee on Human Rights Senator Walid Iqbal said his board of trustees is prepared to explore the matter if need be. Congressperson Nuzhat Sadiq of the PML-N said Kakar’s demise is a hopeless misfortune as he generally represented the league.

A day prior, Kakar had died while being treated at a medical clinic in Karachi, data secretary PKMAP Reza Mohammad Reza had affirmed. Usman Kakar had evidently fallen in his home in Quetta and was genuinely harmed. He was hurried to a medical clinic and was conceded to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

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