Ruswai Darama

In the beginning, Ruswai looked pretty much like the story of many households in Pakistan, having families with a bunch of positive people and a few negative ones. It showed two families in association with each other in three different ways. The drama also sheds light on the common phenomenon of Watta Satta (the simultaneous marriage of a brother-sister pair from two households).

It starts off with two best friends, Mehmood and Ariz, turning their friendship into a family. However, Ariz’s spouse, Rohina does not want her son Salman to marry Mehmood’s daughter, Dr. Sameera. Meanwhile, her daughter is married to Mahmood’s son.

In spite of the hullaballoo created by Rohina and all her drama, Salman is pretty stubborn for Sameera, so much so that he asks his mother to apologize to her. In a simple, elegant and small affair, they get married. On the next day while Salman is on his flight and Sameera is at a dinner with her family, she texts him to express her love.

Just when the family finishes dinner and is on the way back to their car, some lurid men impelled by frustration and criminal minds kidnap Sana right in front of her family members with her father begging for mercy. They point a gun to his head and drag Sameera out of the sight of her family.