Ali Zafar new song MELA LOOT LIYA went viral among fans by hitting like a storm on all social media. MELA LOOT LIYA got over 1.5 Million view in just 5 hours after it has been released officially on youtube by Ali Zafar’s team.

There are a lot of things to love about, the music, the rhythm, the video, the lyrics everything is smooth and up to mark and the best part which we should be taking about is the deliverance of excellence under such a great and immense pressure where thousands of people were hoping for it to a disaster but Mela Loot Liya became a new trending.

The way Ali Zafar and team got their each and every thing right and is tremendous and very inspirational for the business era too, the need of change, the urge to fill up the blank spaces by quality work and to engage people and fans is inspirational and really a MELA LOOT LIYA.

We all know the disaster done by PSL management in opening ceremony and also a PSL anthem was a horrible dream, and people all over were criticizing them and at that point you just need to have courage to come up on the stage hold the mic and let the people dance on your music is something beyond imaginations.

But the man Named Ali Zafar came up, and firstly he made people to demand for a new song which really happened with the help of Waseem Badami, so people were thinking they made Ali Zafar to hit with a song, but leave it. Secondly we need a hype, a trending is must, and so why not let the people participate and let’s get their engagement as much as we can. Yes! Why not let’s add them in our official video, what a great artistic plan to come up with in an era where everyone has a smartphone and interested in making videos and have fun.

Simple wow, team started a hashtag #bhaihazirha and it became viral and people went crazy on it sending great videos to be a part of MELA LOOT LIYA.

So altogether all is well when ends well but you need to make things go in your favor, need to find out when your services can be highly appreciated, but do not ask others to have your services, let them insist first, then let them participate in an artistic way so they will think twice before criticizing because this is now their product too as they participated as well along with you. Then the time! Yes the time to let people have your quality product which in our case was a new PSL anthem named MELA LOOT LIYA.

Simple but effective and it got rewarded too as it is now getting trendy all over the world and it became the first ever song to hit 1.5 million in less than 6 hours which is simply wow.

Ali Zafar really inspired all to use of this Mokay Py Choka.

Enjoy this masterpiece MELA LOOT LIYA now