Android Google AdMob

There are mainly three types of Google Ads these are:

  • Banner ads
  • Interstitial ads
  • Rewarded Video ads

Banner Ads:

The rectangular text or image ads occupying a small spot in the app’s layout are considered as Banned Ads. When users are interacting with the app, the Banner ads stay on the layout. These ads refresh after a certain period.

Interstitial Ads:

The full-screen ads that cover the entire app’s layout are considered as Interstitials ads. Being displayed at the transition point of an app, the user can either click on the Interstitial Ads and move to ads location or can close the ads and return to the app.

Rewarded Video Ads:

The full-screen video ads in exchange for in-app rewards are called the Rewarded Video Ads.

Create Ad Units:

  • An AdMob account needs to be created, to implement Google AdMob. For this visit or sign in to your already created AdMob account at
  • To create Ad id for an existing app or new app, click on Monetize Tab, after login through the AdMob account. Click on the “SEARCH FOR YOUR APP” for an existing app. Click on the “ADD YOUR APP MANUALLY” and save the app name, for a new app.
  • The Ad types to be displayed on the app’s layout can now be selected. Click on the Banner tab, for Banner Ads. Click on the Interstitial tab, for Interstitial Ads. Click on Rewarded Interstitial, for Rewarded Video Ads.
  • A new window will display Ad Unit name and Ad unit ID, on the successful creation of the Ad unit id.

To integrate Google Ads into an app:

We need to add the below google ads dependencies in the build.gradle file of our app to integrate Google Ads into our app.

compile ‘’