Communication is the key tool to success in every department of the world. Either you be a doctor, scientist, business owner or a regular wages guy. If you are good at communication then you will have more chances to get more close to success.

             Now here are a few steps to improve your communication skills effectively and with brilliancy.

1. Hail -- Greet enthusiastically or joyfully

It is very important to greet someone with a passion and enthusiasm, because like always first 20 seconds of everything are every important either telling a story, showing a film, making a video on YouTube or giving a speech to thousands of people. And people really turn their heads to you when you show positive and happy vibes towards them for their presence. And remember always to appreciate their words, gestures and progress too which will help them to be more present with you.

2. Listening

Yes listening, communication is not always just to through your words out to cover up your needs. A better speaker is a lot better listener, so when you give people the impression that their words are worthy enough to be listened then surely they give you their attention too. So it’s always give and take. Be present and have presents.

3. Tell your story in communication

So now as you listen what others want to say with a great sense of joy so in return people will give you a chance to speak what you had! Now the question how can we make our words more attractive so people listen to us not just because we listened to them earlier.

It is very simple, people like to hear when you communicate with references, a reference of a being that they might know or you can connect pieces of communication with your own life experiences as you are telling them your story! People always fall for the great stories, do not be just a mammal who can talk instead being someone whom people love to hear about.

And mostly in business it is very important either you are selling over the phone or trying to have a better contract with a client, if you know how to add yourself in communication then you will have better chances because people always want to know about

  1. Who are you?
  2. What you have?
  3. What makes you different that others?

And a life story is a best way to describe all of these in the most effective way in communication.

4. User conversational language -- Engage Audience

It is a very false notion that you got to use difficult words in order to be the effective speaker. Now imagine you are giving a presentation of your great business idea to a client and you use all of your technical terms e.g.

“We will be colligating your user’s entropy to the Mongodb atlas cluster using react terminology in VScode IDE and blah blah”

That kind of conversation will not help you or your team in any way instead you will be taking your clients interest as everyone has a fear of being stupid, so your client will not ask you about mongodb or colligating means and at the end they still will have the concern about the Users Data Breaching and you will lost the client.

So you need to use a language which is conversational that you use in your daily routines and in life, we know you cannot change the platforms names or technical terms annotations but you can replace colligating with connect etc.

5. Mirror and Match

It is always a great gesture to do mirroring with words so your speaker will have the impression of being appreciated and being acknowledged. The best way to do it is repeat their last 4 5 words before you start your point simple as it is.

So use these simple 5 steps and be profound in your communication skills in no time.