India never accepted Pakistan from heart and his big desire is to destablize  Pakistan internally and externally. India think himself as a biggest democracy , powerful  and  haughty country . Hindus and Muslims are different in their culture , religions and other norms. India was against the partition of subcontinent so his ill intention is to control Pakistan  . India and Pakistan fought 3 big wars on the issue of Kashmir issue which is still unsolved. These are the few factors which make these both countries big rivals of each other. Yesterday DGISPR and Foreign Minister of Pakistan released press conference against Indian financial and training support to terrorist groups like TTP and BLA . 

PAKISTAN has taken an important step in its counterterrorism efforts with the launch the dossier that claims to have substantive evidence of India’s active sponsoring of terrorism inside Pakistan.

Payments made by Indian agents in bank accounts for terrorist activities on Pakistani soil are also documented. The dossier details the involvement of Indian intelligence agency RAW in specific incidents of terrorism in various regions of Pakistan leading to substantial loss of precious lives. This dossier was unveiled a day after India unleashed yet another attack across the Line of Control resulting in the martyrdom of a Pakistani soldier and five civilians including a teenage girl and a toddler. According to Pakistani officials, Indian forces used heavy weapons to fire on the civilian population in Azad Kashmir.

The international community should be concerned at this swiftly deteriorating situation. However, it should not be surprised. India’s belligerence and its muscular policy towards Pakistan has been on the rise since Narendra Modi became the prime minister. For years now, India has been consistently painting Pakistan as the source of instability in the region. Successive governments in New Delhi have accused Pakistan of ‘cross-border terrorism’ while whitewashing their own policies of brute repression and human rights violations in India-held Kashmir.

India’s policy towards his neighbors  will isolate himself because India has not only tension with Pakistan but also with China and Nepal. Iran is also now taking interest in China and Pakistan. So India’s dream to become super power will never come true in this situation.


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