Why opposition is protesting?

Opposition parties of Pakistan rallied against the ruling party and Prime Minister Imran Khan , at a day-long multi-party meeting. The parties called for Khan’s resignation and a nationwide protest movement to unseat the PM Khan and to get relief in corruption cases.

The alliance of the opposition parties, called the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM), plans a wave of rallies and protests, starting next month.

Coutesy: Express.pk

This is not a new thing to protest against PTI government , last year (JUIF) also protested against government but did not achieve their objectives.

Major Objectives of Protest

Opposition is depicting that they are fighting against inflation and for the basic rights of people but in reality  Opposition (PDM) want to get relief in corruption cases against them. They are also supporting anti Pakistan agencies by involving Pakistan military because military in not supporting their corruption.

They also want the resignation of PM Khan because they know government is in tough condition , if PM Khan will get some more time then he will able to overcome the inflation and other crises , so it will be never fruitful for the opposition in upcoming elections.

Consequences of PDM Protest

PDM is promoting enemies agenda so it can create unrest situation in country. 

Due to processions there are chances of resurgence of Covid-19. 

Political disruption also effects the economy.  

Sedition against national institutions is not for the betterment of country. 

But what I think opposition agenda to unseat PM Khan is not going to successful because Government and all other national institutions are on the same page and moreover Pakistani nation will not support the agenda of anti Pakistan lobbies to disgrace national institutions specially Military.



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