Geography Map

Geography is the study of Earth’s landscape ,people, places and environment .it is ,quite simply ,about the world in which we live.

Geography is unique in bridging the social science (human geography ).Human geography concerns the understanding of the dynamics of cultures ,societies and economies and physical geography concerns the understanding of the dynamics of physical landscapes and the environment.

Geography ,puts this understanding of social and physics processes   within the context of places and regions – recognising  the great difference in cultures ,

Politicals system ,economics ,landscapes and environment across the world and the links between them.Understanding the causes of the newer developments in human geography.

Geography provided an ideal framework for relating other fields of knowledge ,it is not surprising that those trained as geographers often contribute substantially to the applied management  of resources and environments.

The International Cartographic Association has developed the following definition of geographic maps:

“A map is a symbolised image of geographical reality, representing selected features or characteristics, resulting from the creative effort of its author’s execution of choices, and is designed for use when spatial,

A map is a symbolic representation of selected characteristics of a place, usually drawn on a flat surface. Maps present information about the world in a simple, visual way. They teach about the world by showing sizes and shapes of countries, locations of features, and distances between places.

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