Large Moveable Alphabet (LMA)

Large Moveable Alphabet (LMA)

LArge Moveable Alphabet

Materials Moveable Alphabet – A Large box with 28 compartments , one for each letter of the alphabet and two extra which can be used for the dots of the ”i;;s;; and ”j;s”. The Box contains stiff cut-out letters.The vowel are blue and consonants are red / pink .Script letters are used.

A mat of an appropriate size for some of the exercise.


   when the child has learned the phonetic sound of the alphabet and knows the letters by sight and has listened for the sound in words when learning them ,he is ready to build words with the large moveable alphabet .

Observe the child for readiness.The prerequisites are the ability to analyze words into their component sound in order and reorganization of the graphic symbols for the sound.It is best to begin the moveable alphabet when the child knows all of the sandpaper letters so it is not necessary to edit the words the child composes.Some children respond to this activity more readily if the words chosen relate to a topic of interest to them .Encourage the child think of words to write.

               For a child who has not arrived to the usual level of readiness ,this work can be started if the child’s interest is high and the child knows 10-12 sandpaper letters ,including 2-3 vowels .The directress will need to dictate all the words so they can be edited to those which can be made with symbols/sounds which the child knows.

Moveable Alphabet work progresses from single words to phrases ,sentences and finally stories .These Exercise in which the child symbolizes his own thoughts is the beginning to creative writing.It is important to observe the child’s work to see if he can analyze fully and correctly symbolize each sound.Spelling will be phonetic and is not correct in the early work .

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