Although Pakistan farming finest Tomatoes, but People all over Pakistan facing deficit in its supply. Its price rises from Rs:40 to Rs:300 per Kg. Imported tomatoes were banned due to political condition between India and Pakistan. It has been reported that the tomatoes Pakistan has been importing from Afghanistan & Iran have helped tackle the demand in the northern region of the country.

Simple truth of the matter is that tomato harvests in Sindh and Balochistan have been enough, due to which the produce from Punjab experienced a rise in demand. Government also started to produce more tomatoes in Sindh. Hopefully People will get relief in coming days.  The entire tomato fiasco has shown that the PTI government is wholly unaware of the crisis currently confronting the common man.

Although Pakistan is an agricultural country and 70% of its population is involved in agriculture, But still it has failed to produce enough vegetables (Tomatoes) to fulfill the demand of  whole nation. It has imported tomato seeds from India worth 320 to 464 million in previous years, and in the current year Pakistan has imported 65% tomatoes.

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