Social media is a website or service where people talk and connect with other people. Social media is used for people to get to know each other more and create new friends and connections. Social media are also used to share things with other people. Many Social media are available on our phones and smartphones: There are different types of Social media people are using and taking benefits from those now a days:      

 There are pros and corns of social media that highly effects our live. People make this an important or necessary part of their life.

·         Its main advantage is that it connects people each other.

·         We can use this as informative tool

·         One can seek information on any topic

·         People can debate and discuss on major topics

·         We can increase our diverseness

·         It gives us knowledge and guide us in so many ways

       Other than so many advantages there are also so many disadvantages of Social Media that leads our new generation to another way. Children now can have easy access of these, they are wasting time by sitting infront of Computer/ Laptops/ Mobiles.

·         There are lacks of emotional connection between people

·         One can give easily hid opinion and hurt anyone

·         Family are sitting in front and everybody is busy their mobiles

·         It decreases face to face interaction

·         It causes laziness

·         There are evils eyes that ruined our life as we are regularly sharing our life updates

·    It creates brand awareness to people but certain community of people  become complex as everyone can’t afford brands

·         There are people who are wasting their money just to show off

·         Students on huge get effected by Social Media

We should give awareness to our children how and when use these Social Tools positively.

We should keep an eye to them not to misuse or overuse these tools.

Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram and many others are need of the hour but not as much that we ruined our lives for them.

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