Activities of Self-Expression

Activities of Self-Expression

Activities of Self-Expression

News Time

Event Chart


Sharing news is a good way to express oneself and it is an important moment for the child .Giving news can be done with the single small,or even with the whole class.

Whether the news is big or small, to the child,it is still news.When a child comes into the classroom and rushes up to you me personal news,it is important for the directress to  listen to the child immediately and not to postpone it.The child can then repeat his news during news time if he wishes to do so in front of the class.the directress may want to begins the school year by giving examples of how to give news by giving her own news to the class.

The Events chart is a board with pictures and labels to show as and present events in the classroom or in the city.There are two sections of the board ;Past and Present.

The events board is useful for birthdays and for going on in town that the children might go to with their parents .These ”events” should be placed on the board with the children so you can talk about the events with them .

A conversation occurs naturally between two or more people in the real world ,and  this is how to use it should it should occur in the Montessori classroom.A child should feel free to talk with other students as well as with the adults .To

Open the communication airwaves,it is important the directress make sure she has daily conversation with each child,This not only forms a bond between the directress and the child ,but the directress can learn a lot about child’s attitude or feelings on a given day.

  • Listen To Music To Identify Feelings. With the help of a therapist, clients listen to selected pieces of music and write down the emotions they associate with each one. …
  • Go For A Mindful Walk. …
  • Write A New Ending To A Previous Event. …
  • Build Or Refurbish An Item. …
  • Draw A Visual Journal.
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