Enrichment of vocabulary

When the child enters the Montessori Classroom ,Language lessons must be given to him from the first day .

When the teacher the language to the children for the objects in their environment ,they will

>gain vocabulary and

<the new children will be helped in the orientation of their new environment


*Enrichment of vocabulary is important than grammar because vocabulary is the key

*to the child understanding what he/she hears and reads in school ; and

*to communication succesfully with other people

**It is very important for the child to quickly build up a large store of words .

There is the strong links between having an extension vocabulary and achieving school success and it is proved through research studies.

Simple to more complex

The directress should simply remember to work from simple to more complex groups of vocabulary for giving lesson for enrichment of vocabulary ,the directress should begin with very board classifications such as plants then the directress can move on to sub classification such as flowering and non flowering and non-flowering plants.

It is important to present the child with words that he has already had some experience with or knowledge of .the child may or may not the vocabulary which is given ,but it is important to remember to give the child a base in language .The lessons should be given in a three period lesson style always including formal Movement.There should never be too many lessons of vocabulary enrichment .

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