The Purposes in Montessori’s Oral language lessons

The Purposes in Montessori’s Oral language lessons

The purposes in Montessori's Oral Language lessons

The purposes in Montessori’s Oral Language lessons are vast.

Children will gain

.A Clarity in Speech

.A Large expansion of vocabulary

.A familiarity in various aspects of language such as

>Correct usage of the language ,

<Artistic expression

<A large range of language

>Awareness of the language structure ,and

.Most importantly an appreciation and enjoyment of language.

.Indirect preparation for reading writing and reading skills.

Resource for oral Language

       In the oral language lessons ,different materials are used to aid the child’s learning .

This use of variety of things also maintains the interest of child.

Some resource for oral language lessons are

>. Objects directly in the classroom

>. Classified cards

>. Different piece of literature and

>. even the Directress (as a language model and source for learning ). It is important for the directress to remember to do these lessons on a daily basis with every child in the class because the directress plays an important role in the child’s growth in the oral language through oral excercise.

Language materials help the child build tools for communication, they help them to label experiences in a meaningful way. … Toddlers imitate the rhyme and melody to language, and this development progresses in a sequential and predictable pattern. According to Maria Montessori, this begins with five stages.

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