Oral Language

Oral Language

Oral language

During First three years of life ,the child has been constructing his language and he already has a completion of the spoken language when the child arrivesin a Montessori classroom,and now ,in the MOntessori classroom ,he will make his language stronger or more solid whatever he knows.the child can consciously begin to explore language because the child’s will being constructed.He explores language consciously .

This  is the perfect time for the child to equip himself with the necessary and correct tools in his language .Montessori education has a proven track record by using indirect preparation along with phonics to develop the skills needed for reading and writing.

ORal Language Excercises

       Montessori divided the learning into two groups for teaching the child correct oral language.

1.The Enrichment of vocabulary.(for learning new words )

     The child learns new words on a daily /regular basis through formal lessons and classified groups through these activities.

2.Language Training

       The child gains /experiences a great variety of language experience with the help of these activities /exercise through.

    .Many forms of literature,

   .Excercise in self-expression and

    .Games to learn the grammer of the language.

Through both of these groups of exercise,the child’s later learning in reading will be .facilitated by the recognition of words,This is the foundation for all other language expressions

oral language consists of six areas: phonology, grammar, morphology, vocabulary, discourse, and pragmatics. The acquisition of these skills often begins at a young age, before students begin focusing on print-based concepts such as sound-symbol correspondence and decoding.

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