The History of Urdu Language

The History of Urdu Language

History of Urdu Language

Urdu is the notional language of Pakistan and it was created around the 1600’s in central Asia.

The Word Urdu comes from the Turkish word ‘Urdu’ meaning ‘Camp’ or ‘Army ‘. It was used as a unifying communication¬† tool between the Muslims soldiers during their conquest of Ancient India and Eastern Persia.

These soldiers were Persia ,Arab,or Turkish descent (a person’s origin or nationality.)The majority of the soldiers .However ,were of Persia origin .This directly affected the language to be used between them.

The language of the government and that which dominated earlier on was Farsi ,but eventually changed to Urdu to accommodate the other races.

Urdu Vocabulary contains approximately 70% Farsi and the rest being a mixture of Arabic and Turkish Languages.The grammar takes some elements from Farsi and Arabic but also has elements that are unique and different from all three of its mother tongue.In current ,times,

However ,many Urdu speakers have adopted many English and Hindi terms due to the effects of globalization and many other factors.

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