Stereognostic Or Tectile-Muscular Sense

Stereognostic Or Tectile-Muscular Sense

Stereognostic Or Tactile-Muscular Sense

‘When the Hand and arm are moved about an objects,an impression of movement in added to that touch .SUch an impression is attributed to a special ,sixth sense ,which is called a muscular memory ”.which recalls movements that have been made ”(Dr Maria MOntessori .The discovery of the child)

In the Stereognostic sense exercise ,the child learns to feel objects and make recognitions based on that what he feels.Montessori recognized  that while the eyes can perceive difference in size and form,the understanding is heightened when the hand is also engaged .She believed that the hand was the direct link to the brain.

The understand what a curve really is,you have to feel it and experience it.Children encour>ged to look objects while touching them .They are also encouraged to touch them with closed eye or a blindfold in order to experience them much in the way a blind person would .

Excercise 1.

Sorting Trays .The Discrimination of different size objects/gains

>>A tray with four saucer /bowl/partitions;(Three are filled with large items such as buttons or large beans .The large saucer //bowl empty )

>>Tray With four saucers /bowls (three are filled with different grains such as peas ,beans,cloves etc .The large saucer/Bowl is empty

>A Tray with four saucers /bowls (Three are filled with different grains which are much smaller and finer than those in Tray  2 ,Such as rice .mung beans lentils or finer grains etc .The large saucer/bowl is empty.)


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