Yeh Dil Mera(darama Humtv)

Ye Dil Mera” is a show that comes across as the perfect hotpot.  It’s a mystery, but viewers are also given moments of romance between fan-favorites Sajal Aly and Ahad Raza Mir.  There are light-hearted scenes, but also heavier ones and the discussion on mental health and mental illness is at the forefront.  This is not a story that is easy to convey, but Farhat Ishtiaq’s writing and Aehsun Talish’s direction come together to give the audience something truly worth watching.

Amaan Comes to Aina’s Rescue

Aina (Sajal Aly) is shocked when Amaan (Ahad Raza Mir) angrily hangs up on her when she calls him late one night.  The next day, he apologizes, saying he gets angry when his sleep is disturbed.  The two grow close, discussing their feelings towards dogs (which is a relatable scene from someone with a dog phobia) and other things.

It’s no surprise then that when Aina has a nightmare, one that’s obviously a suppressed memory from the past, and realizes that Farooq is not there, she calls Amaan.  Amaan consoles and comforts her.  Later, Amaan is seen realizing that Aina is equally as messed up as he is.

This sequence of scenes is enacted so well, Sajal Aly and Ahad Raza Mir deserve a round of applause.  Sajal Aly is flawless during what I suppose is a panic attack.  Aina is, scared, unable to shake the memory of the nightmare, and that panic and desperation mirrors itself on Sajal’s face.  She proves time and time again why she’s one of Pakistan’s best.  Ahad Raza Mir plays Amaan in a way that confuses the viewer.  Is he manipulative? 

Yes.  Is he vindictive and out for revenge?  Clearly.  But is he “bad”?  Looking at the way he cares for Aina, focusing on her, diverting her attention from her fears and painting an image of their future together, Amaan shows that he cares for Aina and isn’t entirely made of stone.  And Ahad gets the little details necessary to convey this to the viewers just right – the concern in his eyes, the hug, the calm tone in which he talks to her.  This scene is an example of fine acting from both ends.


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