Ahsan khan meet Neelam Munir

Ahsan Khan Celebrates 50th Episode of Bol Nights with Ahsan Khan With the Gorgeous Neelam Muneer

Bol Night with Ahsan Khan is one of the most-watched shows of this time. Ahsan Khan, being an amazing host, welcome different celebrities on his show to entertain the audience. Actors are asked different questions about their professional and personal life that develop interest among the viewers.
Neelum stole the limelight of the show with her killer smile and looks. She looked stunningly beautiful in a pure black dress with nude makeup. Ahsan and Neelum cut the cake to celebrate the 50th episode of the show.
Right now Aamir Liaquat is hosting Inaam Ghar on Geo TV which is also a game show inspired by who will be a millionaire. Aamir Liaquat has invited many celebrities to his show and all of them have been full of praise for him.
Reema and Ushna Shah both were very impressed to meet him and now Neelam Muneer is the one who chose to have a lunch date with Aamir Liaquat instead of Imran Khan!! Although the audience voted for Imran Khan, Neelam Muneer made a different decision.


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