Kahein Deep jaley(Geo Tv Darama)

Kahi Deep Jalay is a drama serial which revolves around siblings love and family bond. The story moves around a lovely girl Rida who is her bothers’s apple of the eye. Her brothers treat her like a true princess but she is already being envied by Shameela her sister in law to be. Neelum Munir is very beautifully carrying this role as Rida and Imran Ashraf, Ali Abbas and Hammad Farooqui are also giving their best of performances in this play.

The episode begins when preparations of Faham and Shameela’s wedding are in full swing. Shameela and Faham especially go shopping alone so that she can get whatever she wants but still she complains Faham that why her mother has stopped Salman Bhai from making her Jahaiz and also she gets mad when she hears that Rida is doing her Bari shopping with Rushna. Her mother tells her to change her attitude and leave all grudges aside and try to win her in-laws’ hearts.

Zeeshan and her mother meet a family for his wedding prospect but the family very rudely scrutinizes his income and they sound like a start up themselves. Zeeshan clearly refuses the family and they are bit discouraged.

Hatim visits Zeeshan’s house and invites him and his mother to his brother’s wedding. Zeeshan’s mother is very delighted to meet Hatim and she is looking forward to attend his brother’s wedding as well.


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