Montessori teacher:The child's Guide

Montessori teacher acts as a guide and facilitator the children by preparing the environment for them.According to Maria Montessori ,children should not be considered like an empty vessel/glass to be filled by us with our wisdom but they have inner urge for which they only lneed guidance.So she is not the source to filled by us with knowledge about the qualities of things.such as dimensions shape,colour , means of objects.

Creativity is the engine of innovation. Montessori teachers, based on sharp observation and daily record-keeping, maintain specialized and individual teaching plans and goals for each child in the classroom. These plans help move the children toward new academic, social, and developmental milestones.Role of Teacher.

The role of a Montessori teacher is that of an observer whose ultimate goal is to intervene less and less as the child develops. The teacher’s first objective is to prepare and organize the learning environment to meet the needs and interests of the children as well as promote independence.

Respect for the childMontessori believed that adults seldom truly respect children. … The Montessori approach allows children choices, thus preparing them to become independent learners. Children discover the world around them through a hands on approach, rather than the information being landed upon them from above.

  • Children Are Shown Respect. Respect is the foundation of the Montessori Method. …
  • Kids Have Absorbent Minds. The young mind is ready and eager to learn. …
  • Sensitive Periods Are Critical For Learning. …
  • Kids Learn Best in a Prepared Environment. …
  • Kids Can Teach Themselves Through Autoeducation

There are more Montessori programs for ages 3-6 than for any other age group, but Montessori is not limited to early childhood. Many infant/toddler programs (ages 2 months to 3 years) exist, as well as elementary (ages 6-12), adolescent (ages 12-15) and even a few Montessori high schools


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