Women Much Ahead

Women Much Ahead

Women Much Ahead

Montessori was the first women to graduate from the university of Rome La Sapienza Medical School, becoming first female doctor of Italy.At that time the behavior of the almost Whole Europe was very conservation about women .Women education was not appreciated .It was impossible for a women to accepted in a medical school.Her Father stopped her to study medicine . She also faced opposition of her fellow students .She checked first with university of Rome however , they did not admit women into the medical program.

It was incredibly shocking that a women was accepted there during that time period.During the time she was at school,she lived at home and had very little campus life experience however he was still upset about her studying medicine .In 1896 ,she had to present her thesis to a board of ten board of ten men which were highly impressed with her work .She become the first women to graduate from from medical school in Italy but with a very impressive record.

The struggle to achieve a medical degree reinforced her already well-developed feminist Throughout her lifeĀ  she was a frequent participant in international feminist events.As she was chosen as a representative of Italy at two different women’s conferences,the first was in 1896 in Berlin and the second was in 1900 in London.

Montessori was the teacher of teacher and a great reformer in the field of education so we can say that she lived in past but his work is immortal so , we can say that Maria Montessori was A WOMEN MUCH AHEAD OF HER TIME.

Famous Books

1.The Discovery of the child

2.The absorbent mind

3.The secret of the childhood

4.The Montessori Method

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