Sturdy  Personality

Sturdy Personality

Sturdy Personality

A strong personality, at least to me, means that you always let your opinion be known whether it will be popular or not. You are not afraid to make your presence known. You are no “shrinking violet” and don’t hold your tongue for any reason.

It may also mean that you are very outgoing, boisterous and enjoy attention. There is nothing wrong with this at all. As an introvert myself, I seem to always pick people with “strong” personalities as my dear friends. They seem to compliment my less-than-strong personality. I feel comfortable to be with someone who will speak up, say what I’m thinking but can’t bring myself to say, make sure I’m noticed just by association.

I think some examples of people with strong personalities in which it is not a compliment are, Kanye West (his personality is strong but shown mainly through rudeness), Kris Kardashian (no explanation necessary), some may say Hillary Clinton (no opinion to be stated here), and then there is someone like Dennis Rodman – I am unsure which category he would be in. Both, depending on his mood, I think would be the answer.

s imple and according to the shape of  the face.

Athletic , strong , vigonous and tom-boyish .

Rough , stiff as denim , condunoy , cotton , and linen .

Bold and striking as red and orange .

Bold and unusual  prints , usually abstract prints.

Tailoned style with collans and simple dresses with no frills and soft folds.

Then should be no delicacy .

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